Since 1894, Hope Rescue Mission has been a place of refuge, healing, and restoration for the homeless of Berks County.  With four programs to help transition from life on the streets to a productive life in society, the Mission’s goal is life restoration.  Hope Outlet plays an important role in that process.

At Hope Outlet…

Through God’s blessing, we provide growing funding to restore lives, relevant training to enhance employability, and community partnership to expand Hope Rescue Mission’s impact.

  • Individuals residing at the Mission sort, process, and price donations for sale.
  • We provide paid positions for discipleship program participants with on-the-job training.
  • All items for sale come from donors and are for sale up to 90% off retail prices!
  • All proceeds from Hope Outlet go directly to Hope Rescue Mission’s programs.

Hope Outlet has been a part of the Mission since the early 90’s and continues to provide support to Hope Rescue Mission today!

…and now!

For more information about shopping, donating, or volunteering at Hope Outlet, click the Contact link above.